Cancer Horoscope 2017

Cancer horoscope 2017 people will face a roller coaster ride as per Lal Kitab Astrology for wealth related matter.

As soon as if cancer people have question for there hope they will find several difficulties.

Make sure Cautious at the time of investing in stock markets. Do not trade in F and O markets and in gold items. Stay in touch with your investments for timely return.

Student make sure finish syllabus on time as the year can be difficult for them if they leave any task.

Lady who are to-be mother, then take utmost care of your unborn baby whilst traveling.

A transfer is on the horizon as you may get booted to an unwanted destination.

Take care of body joints, legs, kidney, UTI and backache as you may face issues about that.

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Cancer Lal Kitab Remedies 2017

Cancer People Can Follow Below Lal Kitab Upay for 2017

  • Feed the food to street dogs daily
  • Daily apply a turmeric tilak on your forehead
  • Always wear black color under garments
  • Give respect to elders
  • Donate almond with their shells in Shani temple

Cancer People Health will be challenging issue this year 2017.

They need to handle mental pressure, stress and tension. Emotional pain would be more during 2017 for cancer moon sign.

Besides loneliness would be a big concern matter during year. They will get exhausted for doing even small task.

Make sure do not be surround by bad friend circle. For better progress Avoid to drinking alcoholic beverages. Chain smoking and other bad habits will make things worse for you.

Time after Feb 2017 can give excellent relief for couple of months.

After Nov 2017, then there will not have any problems on your health.

After November 2017 there will good time it may develop more confidence and will regain sound health completely by end of this year.

Cancer people need to do enough prayers and meditation to keep getting more positive energies live balanced life.

Love and romance for cancer people during 2017 is looking worse. It compared to all other aspects that is health, career, finance, etc. It is not gaining time for lovers.

Lovers will end up in having more fights and no romance, that may create a road to broken relationship.

Unwanted Extra martial affair will give you more pain

It is better to avoid to look for new match until Oct 2017.

Planet combination will create a problems and giving more problem to finding right match.

Cancer people who are in propose for there true love. That will be small time of attraction With each other. After some time there is chance for breakup in this relationship.

Make sure you have good friends that can guide you better during this hard phase.

For cancer married couple will be lack of confidence for married couples. It is turn to lead to create lot of problems on your marital life.

Besides entrance of new person in knowledge the relationship can make things worse. If you are not careful. Temporary separation is also indicated.

Unwanted fights with spouse,  create long term separation with your spouse.

The combined effects of malefic planet, take to any extreme as per natal chart and past karma. Avoid all unnecessary arguments with your life partner to save the good relationship.

Legal issue related to relationship will create more pain for them.

There will not know whom to trust for cancer people.

Make sure you have enough protection for your property.

After November 2017, start seeing positive changes in relationship.

Children of Cancer people will bring unexpected bad surprises for  to increase mental issue.

Things may continue to get worse as this year moves till Oct 2017.

There will start having conflicts with your siblings and children without base.

There will be problem to find a good match for children who is eligible for marriage.

Event Their love affairs can create more mental stress.

There is hard situation for this aspect. Family morel may get affected due to unwanted changes happening in the next one year.