When I will be transferred to my hometown?


When I will be transferred to my hometown?

When I will be transferred to my hometown? Get Answer By Astrology and Lal Kitab Remedies

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When I Will Be Transferred To My Hometown?

Fourth house of horoscope represents our heart and our sweet home.

It also represents our primary education. Also it show there is Property condition of your life. Your Current Stay also consider by this house.

12th from the fourth house represents the ‘Loss of this House’ Or We Say Changed of all those areas of 4th House.

Loss does not always means “loss” as “loss”, but some worries or change in those matters. “when i will be transferred to my hometown“.

By lal kitab astrology we recommended some remedies.

Do you want to transfer from your current location to your native home?

You can follow our recommendation career horoscope report with question.

“what is lal kitab remedies for transfer” .

So if you are conclusion for a current location change, 3rd house of Jatak horoscope will play roll. Same way for Job transfer that house is responsible

The change of job and house could be a possible between towns or states. Even from one continent to another. There is solutions for question. “When i will Be Transferred to my hometown” with some simple astrological remedies

Remember, even during early 20th century, living away from own home. Or like away from parents are considered to be as s loss! so it depend whether person are happy with the change or not,

Change of location could come during the Dasa Effect. So after analysis of your horoscope we guide you better

You can Check your Career Report for Question “when i will be transferred to my hometown”

That is not the only condition ! a malefic aspect over the 3rd house by a transit would also trigger a change of location.

That does not always mean this would happen in sub dasa lord period of the 3rd lord.

This is canvas of your destiny. Major maha Dasa or even malefic aspect will give some time result give you good favorable period.

With lal kitab remedies for your question there is recommendation for astrological analysis.

“When I will be transferred to my hometown?”

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