Remedies for Delay in Marriage


Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Have A Fantastic Remedies For Delay In Marriage with Minimal Spending.

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What is Marriage and what is Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Marriage is commitment where is one person makes with another person to live life comfort and happy.

The boy and girl accept each other mentally, emotion and physical.

Earlier there is this commitment was fulfill in easy way.

Due to changing times and varying lifestyles, the outlook of marriages has also changed.

These day marriages are becoming more a matter of tensions & worry for girls their parents.

In fact with lot of efforts parents are unable to find “a suitable match” for their daughters and her marriage is getting delayed due to this reason.

Delaying marriage is one thing but marriage getting delayed with lot of effort is family’s needs serious attention.

There could be astrological reasons for delay in marriage.

There could be several astrological reasons for delay in marriage.

  • Venus in the kundali of the person could be weak.
  • Whenever the owner of the seventh house is weak, the individual’s marriage is likely to get delayed due to it.
  • Whenever the malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars or Rahu faces in the direction of the seventh house individually or combined.
  • Marriage could also be delayed whenever the seventh house is completely unoccupied by any planet.
  • There could be the presence of various doshas in the kundali of the person such as Mangal or Nadi dosha.

Late Marriage Remedies in Astrology:

Girl must do the following upay for preventing delay in marriage.

  • Girl should chant regular mantra jap of “Om Namoh Narayanay Nam:” for re leaf in early marriage.
  • Parents of the girl must recite Vishu Sahastranam for delay in marriage. This is very helpful finding a suitable match for girl.
  • Girl should follow sixteen Mondays fast and worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Every day Girl must offer water on Shiv Ling in Shiva Temple.
  • Girl must tie knot of Mauli or Sut Thread on Shiva & Parvati and must pray for early marriage.
  • Girl should read chapter related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in Balkand of Ramcharit Manas every day. This is one of the solutions to get married faster.
  • One of the remedies for delayed marriage is that the girl should keep a photo of Shiva and Parvati in her room and touch their feet every day in morning.
  • Remedies for late marriage also includes the girl offering Lal chura, Lal chunaria, Red Flowers, Perfume, Kumkum, Red Napkin, Red ribbon, Seven Red Glass Bangles to Goddess Parvati in Shiva temple and pray for early marriage with suitable husband.
  • Need to check if any Dosh in kundali  like Manglik or any combination then parents of the girl should consult an astrologer immediately.

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