Astrological Remedies

How To Something Your Astrological Remedies

In World all humans born are prone to suffer from many problem.

There is many temptations and tribulations in life in some form or the other during any part of their life. Human have various stage in life like be it at at childhood, middle age or old age.

Discipline in life and spiritual activity an honesty in life. This will help to tide over most of difficulties.

Malefic effects in horoscope will give unwanted troubles and mental stress in life.

With Certain Lal Kitab Astrological Remedies. Serious health issues and marital discords or financial problem can rectified. Humans differ a lot and hence the astrological remedies do not act in the same way for all.
Hence it is necessary to first note the strengths of the various planets in birth chart. We need to study of malefic and benefic effects on the individual horoscope. After the perfect study astrological remedy would advised by astrologers.

In modern world there is astrological remedies for various trouble aspect of life. i.e. for Health, Finances, Relationships, Marriage, Career, Children, and a lot more are available.

Various astrological remedies can adopted for warding off planet ill effects in horoscope. Like the use of mantras, tantras, yantras, pilgrimages, rudrakashas, poojas.

Lal Kitab Astrological Remedies. It help to solve problems in areas.

1) Career Obstructions
2) Lack of finances or wealth accumulation
3) Love, marriage & relationships
4) Health issues
5) Psychological issues
6) Education
7) Religious Pursuits
8) progeny

Main question. Is there a way to Solve my miseries or for my better life?

We say Yes! Astrological Remedies are divine tools. Which mentioned in Vedic Astrology and many of Mythology book what to do away with the problems in our life.

That problem can related to life miseries. Or say for a select few it could be the hurdles faced in their spiritual pursuit.

After Study in Horoscope in discovering problem solution. Their true self and purpose of life that will work fruitful.

What every it be. The physical or material discomfort or the hurdles in life. The way of spiritual growth and astro remedies can help in both.

Astrological Remedies work on either of the 2 principles:

  • Making good planets stronger to amplify their positive results
  • Making bad/ afflicted planets weaker to lessen their negative results on our lives.

The sole objective of Lal Kitab and Other Astrology is to predict what the future has in store for us. If we see any hurdles & hardships in Horoscope. There is ways to do away with them, so that the life becomes ‘more comfort with less pain’.

Are you under the adverse effects of planets?

Are you faceing

Abnormal mental stress?

Your Life threatening ailments are not good?

Do you facing continued marital discord?

Are you have poverty or sudden loss of finances pushing one to the brink of bankruptcy?.

Are you still facing delayed marriage problem and not finding a suitable match?

Are you having progeny issues or your are childlessness?

– all point towards the adverse effects of either malefic planets. It reflects that the good planets are being in a weak position or a house in a birth chart.

How do Lal Kitab Astrology Remedies work?

Lal Kitab remedies attempt to work on one of the two situations in your birth chart. Making good planets in your birth chart stronger or weakening the effects of bad planets.

So when the negative results are get minimized with The system of suggesting remedies.

Only based on horoscope and an expert Astrologer can predict the perfect remedy.

In the birth chart useful to understand the generic good and adverse effects of the planets. It help finding out a weak or good planet. Which is behind the problems faced or is it a strong or a malefic planet that’s troubling.

Generally, a week but a good planet picked up for remedy. Which is over trying to correct or alter the results of a strong and a malefic planet.

Then if that good planet is producing negative results for any house. That same is also included to corrected by astro remedies.

Types of Astrological Remedies

Meditation that includes Mantras and Yantras; correcting the life issues by lucky Gemstones. Releted Corresponding planets causing problems are some of the remedial measures.

Mantra – It is the recitation of a particular mantra in proper way to overcome the problems. Set forth by the planet which responds to that particular sound. Basis of mind in structural aspect. With power of mantra inherent different combinations of sounds.

How consciousness differentiates into different states of mind. It is interesting question. It is impossible to know in the real sense unless we can raise our consciousness to the level. Where this differentiation takes place and the manner in which brought about.

Each root word generates a sound. It is activate a different centre in the human body. It is correlates with particular planet.


At times when Mantra does not work because of difficult malefic position.

In that case Tantric sound patterns work like surgery and clear out most of the hurdles.

Yantra – This is a mystic diagram often put up as a plaque. Some Yantra are a part of Tantra practice since Yantra is one of the cardinal principles of Tantra.

This practice followed when a particular remedy has to practiced over a long period of time. After the many effort the person is unable to perform other remedial measures. Due to ill-health., lack of time or distance.

Gemstones – worn to help tide over malefic effects of planets.

We at lalkitab astrology research center. With our horoscope consultancy we stick to the predictive part of Lalkitab Indian Astrology.

If the problems are moderate then the person should pray to god, lead an honest life to tide over the bad phase of life. We suggesting a lal kitab remedy only if there is a genuine need for the same.

Suggested remedies in form of Donation, Mantra, Yantra, Gemstone or metals. Which is as mentioned in ancient texts. And  all remedies are very simply follow by any person.